About Us

"We rise, We fall, We won't Stop"

Our History

Jakob Marengo Secondary School was established in February 1985 with 65 learners by the Khomasdal Civic Association and the Namibian Women’s Association, with the assistance of the South African Council for Higher Education (SACHED) which supplied some of the teachers as well as the teaching material. The school was built for the marginalized communities as it’s  main target group. The school has always had people who enjoy. Jakob Marengo was created to provide a system of Alternative Education,  as opposed to the ‘Apartheid Banking, Bantu education System. The school was a result of The Namibian Nationhood Programme, based on the UN programme.

Turma System

The Turma System is an all inclusive leader development system unlike the centric Learner’s Representative System. The are six Turma groups that all learners must pass through and switch in the first 6-weeks when school opens in January. The Students will then decide a Turma they believe suits them best and be a part of that Turma until the end of the term. The Turma System allows for us to have more people that will partake in their societies, national outcries, politics, community lives and global matters actively, hence Participatory Democracy. 


Classroom Turma

Responsible for the entire classroom and ensures that any issues the students might have with a teacher are further dealt with. They also ensure that the classroom is ready for the teacher before they come in to teach. The Classroom Turma must double check that the teacher has all the necessary equipment he/she needs to teach with and notify the teacher when there’s an equipment piece missing.

Homework Turma

This particular group has to ensure that the entire classroom carries out their homework duties as and see to it that the teachers have marked the homework that they’d be given. This group also ensures that if a student doesn’t understand his/her homework the matter is taken up to the teacher or help from other students is given to the troubled student.

Teacher Turma

This group is there to help communication between the students and the teachers, if a student has an issue with the teacher the Teacher Turma participants will take up the matter with the teacher or take it to the HOD’s for further assessment. If a teacher is not in class for more than 10 minutes into the start of a session then the HOD’s, Principal or Director must be informed of this malpractice. The teacher must been informed it’s class time.

Discipline Turma

This group is there to enforce all the school rules, from enforcing the dress code to enforcing the late comer’s punishment. Ensuring that trouble makers are easily handled. This  group deals with the HOD’s and the Head of Security(Mr. F Hamonika) and the names of the trouble makers are given primarily to the Head of Security and the schools’ HOD’s.

Maintainance Turma

Maintainance Turma ensures that the classroom is always clean, they also ensure that the classroom is clean and tidy. The Maintainance Turma collaborates with the other Turma’s to ensure that their efforts are not taken  for granted. This Turma cleans the classroom twice a week and ensures all chairs are on the tables.

Extra-Mural Turma

This Turma group is responsible for any school arranged outting. The students arrange their own outtings and bring this information to the HOD’s or Director for approval and school backing. This could be a school trip to the Walvis Bay aquarium to study aqua life and or to study the sand dunes in the Namib Desert.
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